Building Policies

Overview of Rules & Regulations of the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza

The arena is a smoke-free facility.

  • No coolers, bottles, cans or containers allowed.
  • No outside food or beverage.
  • No horns, whistles, noisemakers, banners, selfie-sticks, Go-Pros or laser pens.
  • No video cameras or recording devices.
  • No professional lens cameras. Professional lens cameras are cameras with any lens 3 inches or longer.
  • No illegal substances.
  • No weapons or other threatening objects.
  • No re-entry upon exit.
  • No bags, backpacks or boxes allowed into the facility.
  • Electronic devices such as, but not limited to, laptops and mobile tablet devices that have capabilities of audio and/or visual recording are prohibited inside the venue for most events. Mobile tablets are permitted for Penguins hockey.

Additional Rules and Regulations of the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza

Genral Guest Policies for The Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza

The following is a list of general guest policies that will be enforced. These policies will be upheld regardless of the type of event. Any change to these policies must be cleared through the Arena General Manager.

  1. Each guest (including children two years and older) entering the Arena for any type of ticketed event must have a ticket or the proper event credentials. Guests who experience a problem with their tickets (i.e., lost or stolen tickets, etc.) should be directed to the Main Ticket Office.
  2. Guests entering the Arena for an event must enter through the West or East Gate, where a visual inspection may be conducted. On occasion metal detectors or pat-downs may be warranted. Media personnel must enter through a designated press entrance.
  3. Guests may not bring into the Arena any bottles, cans, coolers, or alcoholic beverages. Weapons of any kind (knives, guns, clubs, etc.) or any objects that may be used as weapons are also strictly prohibited from being brought into the Arena. Anyone found carrying alcoholic beverages, a weapon or an item that may be used as a weapon should be brought to the immediate attention of a manager or uniformed officer.
  4. Loitering in or near the Arena Ticket Office lobby is prohibited. Only those persons with the intent to attend the event or buy tickets to an event may stand in the lobby.
  5. Tickets for Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza events are sold at the NBT Bank Box Office at Mohegan Sun Arena, at local Ticketmaster outlets, by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000, or via the internet at Tickets purchased by any other means are not recommended or guaranteed. The resale of tickets on Arena Property is strictly forbidden.
  6. All guests must wear footwear. All males must wear a shirt and pants or shorts of some type. All females must wear a blouse, pants, skirt, shorts, or dress. Deviations should be brought to the attention of your manager.
  7. Everyone must sit/stand in the location that matches the seat, section, row and number that is on their ticket.
  8. Only one person is allowed to occupy a chair at a time, except for children under 2.
  9. Standing on chairs, sitting on seat backs, and placing feet on chair backs is prohibited.
  10. Standing in the aisles, accessible platforms, vomitories or other restricted areas while an event is in progress is prohibited.
  11. Only guests 21 years of age or older may purchase and consume alcoholic beverages in the Arena.
  12. Guests, promoters, licensee, etc. may not sell any type of food, candy, beverages, tobacco products, souvenirs, toys, or programs in or on the Arena property. Only concessionaires contracted by or through SMG may sell food in and on the Arena property. Each employee doing so must wear the proper identification while selling.
  13. Any guest caught defacing, damaging, or destroying Arena property or grounds will be brought to the immediate attention of an Event Staff Supervisor, manager or law enforcement official.
  14. Guests wishing to demonstrate at Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza should call (570) 970-7600 for details and policies.
  15. General Guest Policies at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza can be adjusted at any time under the direction of Management.

Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza and SMG reserve the right to inspect and search all guests entering the Arena. Guests should be prepared to have all hand carried items open and ready for inspection. Hand carried items include, but are not limited to bags, purses, camera cases, etc.

SMG reserves the right to employ metal detection devices as necessary to promote a safe environment for guests, performers and employees.