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Suite Level Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Am I allowed to bring in outside items?

  • Outside food and beverage is prohibited.
  • For questions regarding specialty items such as birthday cakes or medical related items, please email or call:

Q. What items are on the catering menu?

Q. How long before an event can I pre-order food/beverage?

  • Food and beverage orders must be placed at least 72 hours in advance of the event via the online portal provided by our catering team.
  • Guests that do not purchase within that window may purchase from the event day menu when they arrive at the event.

Q. How do I access the suite menu ordering portal?

  • To place your catering order online, please click here
  • If you do not have log-in credentials, please contact Chris O'Donnell

Q. Can I order food/beverage while at the event?

  • Guests may order food/beverage items from their suite via your suite attendant.
  • The event day menu is listed inside your suite.
  • There is also a full bar in the lobby for an individual mixed drink, glass of wine or beer.
  • Guests may also purchase food and beverage on the concourse and bring to their suite.
  • Event day menu items are also noted on our full catering menu.

Q. What time can I access the suite?

  • Unless otherwise noted, access to suite level begins one hour prior to the event start time

Q. How long can I stay after an event?

  • Guests will have access to their suite for up to one hour after the event conclusion (subject to change per event)

Q. I have VIP Parking. Where do I park?

  • Guests with VIP Parking should stay in the left lane upon arrival on Highland Park Blvd. and make your first left into the VIP parking lot.
  • Please have your pass ready to be scanned to enter the VIP lot.
  • You will then enter the arena through the West Gate.

Q. How do I get to Suite Level?

  • After entering the West Gate, you will proceed to the VIP elevators just ahead and to your right.
  • The elevator attendant will check your tickets direct you to suite level.
  • As you exit the elevator, our Suite concierge staff will show you to your suite.

Q. Where are the bathrooms?

  • There are private restrooms at the end of each hallway and also next to Suite 317.

Q. What items are allowed?

  • Please review our security/venue policies page on our website and share it with your guests.
  • It will be helpful if they are aware of what one can and cannot bring into the venue.

Q. Can I purchase additional tickets for the suite?

  • Select suites have Standing Room Only tickets available for purchase.
  • Ticket rates vary by event.
  • For info, please contact Jim Petch at [email protected]

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