NEPA Live From The Lot 2

The ASM Global managed Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza will host "NEPA LIVE From The Lot", Northeast PA’s first-of-its kind “Drive-In Live" concert series presented by Geisinger this Summer!

***All Events are on as scheduled***


Social distancing will be strictly enforced. Guests leaving their vehicle/tailgating space will need to wear face coverings. No more than 4 people are permitted per vehicle and in your tailgating space. Anyone not complying with these regulations will be asked to leave without refund. All policies and restrictions are subject to change.

Watch our user's guide video and check out some FAQ's about the event series below:

What events are scheduled?
What is a Drive-In Live Concert

These events will feature the performer/band LIVE on stage from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza parking lot presented by Geisinger. The event is designed to give fans the live show experience, while still maintaining social distancing from their vehicles and tailgating space. Acts will be LIVE right here in Wilkes-Barre performing on our outdoor stage complete with lighting, huge video screens and audio amplificiation.

What safety precautions are being taken?

All CDC and State of Pennsylvania guidelines will be followed, and we are working closely with Luzerne County and Wilkes-Barre Township to ensure this event meets or exceeds all recommended standards.

  • Vehicles will be spaced to accommodate social distancing.
  • Cars will park in a staggered fashion to achieve spacing and best visibility.
  • Patrons may only leave their vehicles to use their tailgating space adjacent to their vehicle, restrooms or to obtain concessions.
  • A maximum of 4 people are allowed in each tailgating space.
  • Masks/Face coverings must be worn by any patrons traveling to and from portable restrooms and concessions.
  • Safe social distancing will be strictly enforced.
  • Portable, single-stall restrooms will be located throughout the parking lot and cleaned frequently.

Failure to follow safe social distancing, or requests of staff members for participants to follow, will cause the participant to be subject to ejection. Event staff will be wearing personal protective equipment as required by CDC guidelines. Policies are subject to change pending any changes in CDC and State guidelines.

How do I purchase tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase online at or in person at the NBT Bank Box Office at Mohegan Sun Arena. The Box Office hours of operations are Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-2pm. Tickets will not be sold on the day of the show at the Box Office to ensure safe social distancing. For day of event purchases (if available), please purchase online at

Tickets are sold by car load with a maximum of 4 occupants per car. Children are welcome to attend, but must occupy a designated seat in the vehicle when arriving in the parking lot. All ticket sales are final and no refunds will be offered.

Guests purchasing through Ticketmaster should access their tickets on your mobile device using the Ticketmaster app. In order to access and view your ticket please follow these steps:

  • Download the Ticketmaster app via the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store
  • Use your Ticketmaster email and password to log in and see your tickets. (This is the email and password you used to make this purchase)
  • Access your tickets via the ‘WALLET’ tab to scan your tickets at the entrance
Where is the stage?

The stage placement will be located just outside the East Gate Entrance of the venue. Please see the map below for placement (subject to change per event):

Parking Lot Map

Can I reserve a parking space?

All tickets are General Admission and will not be assigned prior to arrival. Parking attendants will direct each driver to a parking space upon arrival. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, we added large video screens on each side of the stage. For those fans looking for the most intimate experience, a limited number of VIP tickets (Gold Circle and Silver Circle) are available in the first few rows in front of the stage.

If you are trying to park with other members of a group, we suggest trying to arrive in the lot behind one another as cars will be directed to fill in rows as they arrive. Still, we cannot guarantee that you will be parked next to the other vehicles in your group. It is recommended that you only share a vehicle with household members with whom you have been sheltering in place.

What types of vehicles are permitted?

Personal vehicles and trucks that fit in a single, standard parking space are welcome. Oversized vehicles such as RVs, buses, limousines, and trailers are not permitted. Also, no motorcycles or ATV’s will be permitted.

When purchasing your tickets, please select the proper vehicle type to help us provide you with the best viewing experience.

Is Tailgating permitted?

Guests may utilize the parking space adjacent to them as tailgating space. Guests are welcome to bring their own food/drinks. No grilling allowed. Guests may bring their own lawn chairs as long as the chairs remain inside their designated tailgating space.

Tents, stand umbrellas and tarps are not permitted.

Guests may leave their car/tailgating space to utilize the outdoor portable restrooms or to purchase concessions. Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times when traveling to and from restrooms and concessions areas. Safe social distancing will be strictly enforced. Failure to follow safe social distancing, or requests of staff members for participants to follow, will cause the participant to be subject to ejection. Event staff will be wearing personal protective equipment as required by CDC guidelines. Policies are subject to change pending any changes in CDC and State guidelines.

Parking Pod Guide

Are pop-up tents allowed?

Tents, stand umbrellas and tarps are not permitted at any time during the event by guests. 


Are Restrooms/Concessions Available?

Portable restrooms will be available for use throughout the parking lot and guests who need to use the facilities must follow social distancing restrictions and instructional signs. Guests must wear a protective mask/face covering when leaving their designated space to utilize the restroom area. Handicap restrooms will be available, and all restrooms will be monitored by a housekeeping attendant to ensure surfaces are cleaned frequently.

A limited number of concessions stands will be available throughout the parking lot. Signage on site will direct you to their location along with available menus. Concessions availability is subject to change without notice, so feel free to bring your own food/drinks. Guests must wear a mask/face covering when traveling to and from concessions areas and must follow social distancing restrictions.

We kindly ask that all guests take their trash with them upon exiting the venue.

What happens if it rains?

The events are designated as rain or shine, however, your safety is our priority. In the event of inclement weather, event management may decide to delay the performance or make necessary arrangements to keep you, the talent and our staff safe. Important updates will be communicated through Mohegan Sun Arena’s social media platforms.

Can I bring my camera?

Only standard point-and-shoot cameras will be permitted. Cameras with detachable lenses, Go-Pros, or any other professional audio, video, or digital recording devices are prohibited.

Can children attend?

Children are welcome to attend all events. Children must have a designated seat inside the vehicle cabin when arriving at the event. Max per car load is 4 occupants per vehicle. All children must wear a face covering if leaving the designated tailgating space and will be required to stay inside their tailgating space or vehicle at all times unless using the restrooms or concessions areas. Social distancing will be strictly enforced, no matter the age range, to keep everyone safe.

How do I listen to the event?

Audio amplification per event may differ. Information will be provided to event ticket purchasers via email a few days prior to the event performance and posted for guests on the LED video screens when arriving for the performance. The venue staff will be able to assist on-site with any questions. Guests are encouraged to bring their own portable, battery powered radios or ensure their vehicle has FM radio capabilities.

Do I need to turn my vehicle's headlights off?

Yes, headlights should remain off throughout the event.

What should I do if I need to leave early?

Our event staff and security personnel are here to help. If you have a question or concern, please notify the nearest staff member and we will be glad to assist you. If you experience an emergency situation during the event, please call 911 first and then notify the nearest staff member.

Where should I enter the parking lot?

The event takes place in the main parking lot of Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza located at 255 Highland Park Blvd., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702.

All traffic should enter through the main entrance located off of Highland Park Blvd.

How do I exit the parking lot?

Exiting the lot must be done at the direction of the venue parking staff depending on your positioning in the lot. Guests are encouraged to stay through the duration of the show. Guests that need to leave for an emergency will be permitted to do so and follow the direction of the event staff to exit the lot.

What if I am running late to the event?

We encourage everyone to arrive on time to limit disturbances for others in attendance, as well as the talent on stage. Gates for the events are scheduled to open two hours prior to the event start time listed on the ticket (subject to change). Should you arrive late, our parking attendants will assist you in getting to your parking space as quickly as possible without negatively impacting the experience of other fans. Guests with Gold or Silver circle parking will lose their opportunity to park close to the stage without refund if arriving after the event performance has begun. This is for the safety of the artist on stage and to not interfere with their performance.

Can I leave and come back?

Re-entry is not permitted. Guests leaving the parking lot after their event ticket has been scanned will be subject to purchasing a new event ticket and will lose their original parking space.

How long are the events?

The run time of an event will vary by show. Please see the individual event page on our website for specific event details.

Can I leave my car running?

Vehicles should be turned off or left in accessory mode to utilize the FM radio. Your car battery should not die, unless you have a bad battery. Unless you have a diesel engine or after-market muffler, you should also start your car once during the event for a few minutes to charge the battery. In the rare instance that your battery does die, please notify your nearest parking attendant and our staff will assist you in jump starting your car when the show ends.

Can I open my hatchback?

Hatchbacks should be raised no higher than the top of your vehicle (level with your roof). If your hatch opens above your roofline, this blocks the view of others. You are responsible for keeping it lowered using a rope or similar method. Hatchback lights can usually be turned off by using a pen or piece of metal to close the opened latch. To re-open the latch, just pull the lever.

Can I smoke at the event?

Please avoid smoking at this event as it may disturb others in attendance.

What items are prohibited?

The following items are prohibited inside the venue parking lot:

  • Advertising, selling or promoting any third-party product (including, but not limited to, food and beverage items)
  • Amplified sound systems (small portable speakers and car stereo systems are ok, but more not interfere with other guests experience.
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Fireworks
  • Generators
  • Grills or fryers
  • Kerosene lamps or open flames of any kind
  • Laser pointers
  • Littering
  • Noisemakers
  • Tents, stand umbrellas and tarps
  • Use of drones
  • Wagons and strollers
  • Weapons

Please note that failure to follow these guidelines may result in ejection from the event.

What security measures are being taken?

All vehicles are subject to search upon arrival. Event security personnel will be placed throughout the event parking lot to ensure safe social distancing measures are in place. Guests with any security concerns can report to the nearest staff member. 

Are pets allowed?

While we LOVE pets of all kinds, they are not permitted at these events.

For additional questions, please visit the individual event page or email [email protected]