Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling State Championships


Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling State Championships

March 24-25, 2017

Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza

Information on times and ticket prices will be announced at a later time.

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PJW started in 1963 under the name of Junior Olympics for wrestlers in Western PA, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia. Later, Ohio and West Virginia were dropped. In 1998 it grew to cover the entire state of Pennsylvania, including Area X, encompassing 15 counties in Northeast and North Central PA. This year’s tournament will be the second time the event was hosted in Eastern Pennsylvania.

The road to the PJW Championships mimics the High School State Championships and prepares youth wrestlers to compete on that level. The PJW organization prides itself in providing an exciting and entertaining event for participants and fans. Many PJW wrestlers have gone on to national and international success, such as 2000 Olympian and NCAA national champion Cary Kolat, NCAA National Champions Greg Jones, Troy Letters, Jeremy Hunter and Ty Moore. Each year a number of past PJW participants go on to become PIAA State Champions.

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